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Having been asked, by dear sister Michele, to post something about the teachings of the Temple of Anu, I thought this article would be a good start.

There are four primary modern views, in regards to ancient Mesopotamia, and the fifth view of Anuism.

The Scientific View:

This group basis its views about the ancient Middle East, strictly on scientific historical data, gathered by the disciplines of archeology, anthropology and linguistic archeology. They study ruins and work to decipher recovered cunieforms (clay tablets). They interpret their data from a strictly factual and tangible perspective. However, it must be stated, that many people who study Mesopotamia, are often very interested in its society and religion from a psychological and esoteric perspective. Most of the scientists in this camp, see the ancient gods as deified kings and priests, heroes and generals. This group tends to be bitterly opposed to the views of the next.

The Para-Scientific View:

This faction's views are based partly on science, partly on the pseudo-science of UFO research, partly on the mythological stories taken literally, and partly on their personal convictions. The chief champions of this group of theorists, are David Icke (The Reptilian Agenda) and Zacharia Sitchin (The Earth Chronicles). These writers have taken archeological information and interpreted it to fit their para-scientific ideas. David Icke has connected the Christian images of demons and fallen angels, to the Anunnakki (gods) of Mesopotamia, theorizing that they are an ancient reptillian race that secretly walks among us feeding on our psychic-mental energy, and working toward the day when they will rule the world. Zacharia Sitchin theorizes that the Anunnakki were human-like, but superhuman in nature, and that they come from a 10th planet in our solar system, called "Nibiru." These aliens came to Earth long ago, to mine gold that would save their dieing atmosphere, and created humans by genetic manipulations to serve as workers. Both views share a view, that humans were created as slave labor, and that the aliens use religion and technology to fool people into believing that they are gods. This group uses the scientific evidence to support their view, by interpreting it with their own bent.

The Monotheistic View:

True scholars of religion, tend to view Mesopotamia from the Scientific perspective; but sectarian zealots, who call themselves historians and archeologists, tend to connect the Genesis account of 'The Nephilim' and 'Fallen Angels' with the Anunnakki. Thus, in affect, they demonize every god and goddess who is not their own, and satanize every religion that is not what they believe in as the true religion. This group tends to side with the Para-Scientific view to some degree, in that the Para-Scientific View serves to demonize the gods and goddesses of non-monotheistic faiths as alien and evil. Those who hold this perspective, transform horned-helmets into the horns of demons, and see reptillian images as confirmation that all the Anunnakki were of Satan. They use a few of the myths to confirm the stories of the Bible, while dismissing the roles played by other gods as being done by either angels or the devil's children. This group uses scientific information, to back up their views, by interpreting the information from a Biblical leaning.

The Pagan View:

From a Mesopotamian Neo-Pagan view (pagan = anyone who does not accept the predominant monotheistic religions, but embrace pre-Christian and Islamic religions)the Anunnakki are true gods and spiritual beings, who may or many not have taken human forms--working through the bodies of selected servants/priests (mediums) to communicate with the living. The host high priest or priestess served as a sort of avatar, to contain the deities essence. These entities worked wonders and did great deeds, as they walked among men. In time their human host died, and they returned to the Other World, or were transfered into another human body. These spiritual intelligences were the kings and queens, and the high priests of Mesopotamia--especially in the pre-history era. They venerated their gods via ritual care and feeding of idols, as a symbolic act of serving the spirit being that the idol represented. This group looks to the archeology, but also to personal revelations and inspirations. Most Mesopotamian neo-pagans are focused sex-magick, new age spiritualism, and/or magickal practices in general. Many are very puristic-reconstructionists, who try to stay as true as possible to the old ways. Many of the scientific camp also belong to this camp.

The Anuist View:

Anuism is a teaching based primarily on the personal revelation of V.E.M., from Anu God. He initially had no knowledge of Mesopotamia, or its gods, let alone all the factions mentioned above. He is not a scholar of Mesopotamian history and religion, language or magick--although he is learning. Anu has guided his views about the Ancient World, and he has come to see that the myths and teachings of the ancients changed depending on what city-state was dominant and what priest-king was in power over a city. He deals with the Anu of the personal revelation, while giving honor and study to the Anu of history. The Anu of his revelation, is not an alien nor a demon, based on his own experience; but a very personal Supreme Being. The teachings of Anu are exclusive to Anuism, and although attempts are being made to infuse the past into the present, they are not entirely complimentary. Anuism is to Ancient Mesopotamian Beliefs, as Christianity is to Judaism (a common root, but very different doctrines). For more information see:,, or for our publications.

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    Re: Views Of Modern Mesopotamia

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    Very good break-down of the various views. Interesting. I hadn't heard of David Ickle, and I am definitely not a Sitchen fan. Personally, I think the man smoked a little too much something before taking pen in hand. I do have to admit to being of the Pagan View. I take as much as I can from the texts before adapting things to modern western needs.

    It was such a blessing in disguise that the tablets were not uncovered until recently, in historical terms; the monotheistic tribes were unable to re-write them to suit their own world-view, so we have a true pagan vision of life available to us, not one corrupted by Christian theologians. Except for the small details such as re-organizing the order of the gods to place males before the older, primordial females, as Kramer suggests in Sumerian Mythology. That's alright, I'll do my own organizing.

    Thank you for sharing, V.

    When I read your intro on your site, I read it as a little on the monotheistic side. I probably didn't understand what you were saying. Could you explain a little more?
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      Re: Views Of Modern Mesopotamia

      Thu, June 10, 2004 - 1:39 PM
      Anu was considered, in some traditions, as male and female. I am not a sexist, so I do not try to elevate male or female above one the other. That would be imbalanced. The Anu of our group, is The Anu of the Phenocian Letters. Anu-Antu are one in our way. Moreover, as pointed out in the breakdown, our revelation is not based on Mesopotamia--since I met Anu in a near death experience, not through historical studies. I knew nothing of Anu before then and was communicating with him/it/her through autowriting for sometime before I did a search online for the name oneday on a whim.

      But we do recognize all the gods and goddesses, in a henotheistic (hindu-esque) fashion... That all gods/goddesses are part of one wholeness.

      As far as the truly/purely pagan way of life... Well shall we return to the animal sacrifice then? If you study the ancient history, you will see that Mesopotamia was a very warlike and conquest orientated collection of city-states. Moreover, the laws of these states, especially Assyria, were VERY sexist. Among Anuists, we welcome both males and females, as well as gays, as clerics.

      I see your insinuations... So I will depart. You invited me to speak about my beliefs, so you can tear at them.

      Agape & Blessed Be

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